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As a delegate to the Chartist Council, he became frustrated with the progress of the peaceful protests and led a radical faction that wanted to show more force.

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But there was a government spy embedded in the movement who gave him away. He was pardoned three years later, but remained in Tasmania where he continued his political organizing activities until his death in The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park. The structural marvel was made of cast iron, wood and plate glass, three times the size of St.

A boffo success, it was visited by six million people made Prince Albert the father of temporary exhibitions. Sadly, it was destroyed by fire in It blooms in July and August and has leaves that can grow to over nine feet in diameter. Even though those leaves are very delicate, because of the ribbed structure on their underside, they can hold up to 71 pounds in weight if it is evenly distributed. Native to the Amazon River basin, when it was first brought to England, there was a friendly rivalry between avid gardeners to be the first to get one to flower.

The winner was the Duke of Devonshire who, in , got one to flower by creating a warm pool using coal-fired burners. He presented a flower to the Queen. Cholera, which has killed tens of millions of people since the 19th century, is a bacterial infection of the small intestine that can cause diarrhea and dehydration so severe that, left untreated, it can cause death within hours. Treatment, however, is a simple oral rehydration solution sugars and salts mixed with large amounts of water. There were numerous outbreaks in the U.

In one, a woman washed a diaper in well and caused an outbreak that killed over people. The last cholera outbreak in the U. Cholera is still a major issue in the developing world where access to clean drinking water is limited, and where antibiotic resistant strains have occurred.

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There are vaccines now that offer some protection. Rehydration solutions are the most effective treatment and antibiotics should be used in only severe cases, according to the CDC. Claremont Country House is an 18th century mansion in Surrey, designed by legendary country house and garden designer Capability Brown who you know — if you watch any country house documentaries on PBS — really got around!

In the 18th century it was possible to see both Windsor Castle and St. She died at Claremont after giving birth to a stillborn son. While King Leopold owned it until he died, he left when he became the Belgian King. Queen Victoria spent a lot of time there as both a child and an adult, and made it available to King Louis Philippe after the revolution see our Victoria Season 3, Episode 2 recap. Victoria eventually bought the house as a wedding gift for her youngest son Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany. It was vacant and slated for demolition when, in , it was purchased and became a school.

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At far right is the painting of Hercules and Queen Omphale in his bathroom. A scene of Episode 2 takes place here.

Prince Albert designed the royal summer home Osborne House and its gardens on the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of England. After he died in , Victoria had it preserved to stay just as Albert had created it. In her will she stipulated it stay in the family, but none of the children wanted it, so when she died, Bertie, now the newly crowned King Edward VII, gifted it to the state. Today it is held in private trust, open to the public and run by the same agency that runs Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London. These two landmarks appear in Episode 2 of Season 3. Originally built to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, Waterloo bridge opened in Project Gutenberg believes the Court has no jurisdiction over the matter, but until the issue is resolved, it will comply.

For more information about the German court case, and the reason for blocking all of Germany rather than single items, visit PGLAF's information page about the German lawsuit. All IP addresses in Germany are blocked. This block will remain in place until legal guidance changes. Project Gutenberg updates its listing of IP addresses approximately monthly. Michael Arnold, Hunter's Rage , about a Royalist military officer whose company is threatened with annihilation after they lose a battle in Dartmoor; 3 in the Civil War Chronicles series.

Michael Arnold, Assassin's Reign , about a Royalist military officer who questions his loyalties after an old friend, now fighting for Parliament, saves his life; 4 in the Civil War Chronicles series. Gillian Bagwell, The September Queen , historical romance about a young woman who prefers adventure to marriage and finds it when she is asked to help Charles II escape to safety during the English Civil War. Calvin Baker, Dominion , about a freed slave who settles in the Carolinas in the late seventeenth century and his descendants. Russell Banks, The Relation of My Imprisonment , the fictional memoir of a coffin-maker who is arrested and thrown into prison.

Margaret Campbell Barnes, Mary of Carisbrooke , about Mary Floyd, the seventeen-year-old daughter of the sergeant in charge of the military garrison of Carisbrooke Castle when Charles I was imprisoned there. Mary Ellen Barnes, Peregrine , about the daughter of a royal falconer and her struggle for self-determination during the reign of Charles I, Cromwell's Protectorate, and the settlement of the New World.

Laura Beatty, Darkling , about Lady Brilliana Harley, who defended her castle during a Royalist siege in the English Civil War, and the present-day woman who is researching her life. Pamela Belle, Alathea , about a seventeenth-century royalist family during the English Civil War; 3 in the Heron series. Vanora Bennett, Portrait of an Unknown Woman , about a foster daughter of Thomas More and her attraction to two very different men, the portrait-painter Hans Holbein and a student of medicine with a mysterious background.

Robert Hugh Benson, Oddsfish!

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Nancy Blanton, Sharavogue , about an Irish warrior's daughter who vows revenge against Oliver Cromwell after his army ravages a village and beheads a boy; self-published. Douglas Boren, Pirate's Revenge , about a pirate who wants revenge on the father he never knew, who treated his mother brutally.

Paula Brackston, The Witch's Daughter , about a woman who practices Wicca in the present day and three dramatic episodes in her life since she learned witchcraft in the seventeenth century and became immortal. Review or Author Interview. Paula Brackston, The Little Shop of Found Things , about the present-day owner of an antique shop who slips back in time to the 17th century when she handles a beautiful silver chatelaine, and is charged with the responsibility of saving a girl's life.

Gillian Bradshaw, London in Chains , about a young woman who goes to work in London for a publisher of political pamphlets during the English Civil War. Gillian Bradshaw, A Corruptible Crown , about a blacksmith forced to reenlist during the English Civil War while his wife struggles to continue her risky printing business; sequel to London in Chains. Marie Brennan, In Ashes Lie forthcoming in June , historical fantasy set in about parallel challenges facing the mortal world and the world of fae as a great fire breaks out in London. Geraldine Brooks, Year of Wonders , about a woman in a plague-stricken English town that altruistically barricades itself away from the outside world.

Amy Belding Brown, Flight of the Sparrow , about Mary Rowlandson, a Puritan woman captured by Indians in who finds herself drawn to the Indians' ways and begins to question her previous way of life. Stacia M. Brown, Accidents of Providence ; about an unmarried woman in London accused of killing her child under a new law passed after Cromwell takes over the government. Bruce Cook, Young Will , an aging Shakespeare writes a memoir of his misspent youth.

Christina Courtenay, The Scarlet Kimono , historical romance about an adventurous young Englishwoman who stows away on her brother's merchant ship and after reaching Japan is abducted by a samurai warrior. Michael Crichton, Pirate Latitudes , about the risky mission of a privateer from the English colony of Jamaica in Davies, Gentleman Captain , about a young royalist seaman named captain of a ship and sent to stop a rebellion in Scotland in the time of King Charles II.

Lindsey Davis, Rebels and Traitors , about a man who fights for Parliament and a woman whose husband fights for the Royalists during the English Civil War. Lindsey Davis, A Cruel Fate , about two men captured by Royalists during the English Civil War and mistreated by a cruel jailer, who dream of escaping; a "Quick Reads" novel for adults looking for easy-to-read fiction. Anita Davison, Duking Days: Rebellion , about a young woman whose family's property is confiscated after the Monmouth Rebellion in England; 1 in the Duking Days series.

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  • Anita Davison, Duking Days: Revolution , about a young wife and her struggle for security on the eve of the Glorious Revolution; 2 in the Duking Days series. Jan de Hartog, The Lamb's War , about about a Quaker woman's experiences in a Nazi concentration camp where she becomes the camp doctor's mistress; 2 in the Quaker trilogy.

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    Christie Dickason, The Lady Tree , about a young Englishman blackmailed into traveling to the Netherlands on a financially risky venture during the "Tulipmania"; 1 in the Lady Tree trilogy. Christie Dickason, Quicksilver , about a young musician in the court of Charles I who fears he may have become a werewolf; 2 in the Lady Tree trilogy.

    Christie Dickason, The Memory Palace , about a young pregnant woman struggling to survive after her baby's father is exiled; 3 in the Lady Tree trilogy.

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    Christie Dickason, The Firemaster's Mistress , about a seventeenth-century explosives expert forced to infiltrate the Gunpowder Plot conspirators as a government spy. Christie Dickason, The Principessa , an English gunpowder expert, sent to Italy as a spy, meets his match in a wily and beautiful young widow; sequel to The Firemaster's Mistress.

    Christie Dickason, The King's Daughter , about King James I's daughter Elizabeth and her efforts to pull strings so that her father will arrange her marriage to the suitor she finds most appealing. Susan Donnell, Pocahontas , a romantic novel about Pocahontas which portrays her and John Smith as lovers. Emma Donoghue, Astray , historical short stories about emigrants and immigrants, mostly set in the U. Daphne du Maurier, Frenchman's Creek , about a woman who leaves her husband at the court of King Charles II and goes to stay on his Cornish estate, where she encounters a dashing French pirate.

    Danielle Dutton, Margaret the First , about Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, one of the first women to publish in her own name. Robert Edric, The Earth Made of Glass , a literary novel about an investigation into missing church funds in a small town in seventeenth-century Lancashire. Erastes, Transgressions , about two young Puritan men whose secret past as lovers leads one to war and the other to a life as a witch hunter during the English Civil War.

    Hermione Eyre, Viper Wine , historical fantasy about Lady Venetia Stanley, famed for her beauty during the reign of Charles I, and her time-traveling alchemist husband. Roger Fairbairn, Devil Kinsmere , an adventure novel with a "Musketeers" theme; Roger Fairbairn was a pen-name of John Dickson Carr, who published a revision of this novel in under the title Most Secret ; out of print and not readily available. Susan Fletcher, Corrag , about a woman who witnesses a massacre in and is accused of causing it through witchcraft.

    Fremantle, The Poison Bed , about Robert and Frances Carr, who married for love after her previous marriage was annulled, and were imprisoned on a charge of murder in Douglas Galbraith, The Rising Sun , about a young shipworker involved in a Scottish expedition to Darien now Panama in in an attempt to found a colony. Noel B. Gerson, Port Royal , , about an English adventurer in and his efforts to thwart a rebellion against English authority in colonial Jamaica. Denise Giardina, Fallam's Secret , about a modern woman who travels back in time to Cromwell's England.

    Kathleen Givens, The Legend , historical romance about a highborn Scottish lass who stumbles into romance while on her way to warn her cousin of a murder plot during the time of William and Mary. Kathleen Givens, The Destiny , historical romance about a young woman in a precarious position after her father's death who takes the risk of freeing a spy caught in her family home during the time of William and Mary; sequel to The Legend.

    Patricia Goodwin, When Two Women Die , about the murders of two women by pirates in Marblehead, Massachusetts, one in and the other in , and the psychics who warn the community in vain; self-published. Elizabeth Goudge, The White Witch , about a wisewoman, the daughter of a gypsy, whose family members fight on different sides during the English Civil War.

    Michael Gruber, The Book of Air and Shadows , a thriller about a contemporary bookstore employee who discovers a seventeenth-century letter which sends him on a quest for an undiscovered work by William Shakespeare. Maeve Haran, The Lady and the Poet , a love story about the poet John Donne and Ann More, whom he married in despite the opposition of her family and his patrons. Titania Hardie, The Rose Labyrinth , about a woman who receives a heart transplant from a direct descendant of John Dee, Elizabeth I's astrologer, and then becomes swept up in his unfinished project of discovering what lies behind his mysterious family legacy of a tiny silver key.