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About multiple sclerosis

Show the world MS will never ever steal our dreams!! But significant MS issues had prevented her from traveling. It was not taking ours. Detroit was selected. Within hours of announcing her intention, 11 committed to join. Participation then snowballed through a network of friends and friends of friends. The team doubled when a member suggested allowing virtual participants. This was attained through personal contacts and connections established with MS societies on each continent.

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The Detroit Marathon agreed to send finishing medals to many of the virtual participants in return for donations to the Society. As we counted down the days, an email list and a private Facebook group hummed daily with excitement and news. A presentation describing each participant was assembled. Then a year after this all started, we began.

On every continent, 41 virtual team members already had or would soon start their own journey with us. We crossed the long Ambassador Bridge at sunrise, truck drivers loudly sounding their air horns in support. We were not running to achieve a fast time or a personal best. We were running to achieve a victory for each of us individually and a collective victory for the MS community. Many months of preparation and multiple hours of racing were summed up in one last emotional gasp upon crossing the finish line.

The RAMMS team crossed individual finish lines that day, but we represented an entire global community living with the same devastating illness.

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We showed the world that anything is possible. We established a new record—the largest number of people living with MS participating in a marathon event. And Heather was able to join us after all. As a virtual participant, she strapped on two braces and pushed her poles 2. She captured it, did not let it slip. The Richmond Marathon offers 8K, half marathon and full marathon options. The 8K has no time limit — you can take as long as you need, utilize an assistive device or walk, and sit down to rest whenever needed. We will have people to accompany you.

Or participate virtually in whatever form you are capable of from wherever you are in the world. Our goal in is to have our team number people across 30 nations, every continent and every U. We would love to have you join us virtually or in-person. To register your interest, please send an email to runamyelinmyshoes gmail. Since then, Helen has been doing the Walk in her wheelchair. Helen has also participated in the Angel Visitation Program for four years and was honored by the chapter with a scholarship in her name. We look forward to swim days and find the exercise extremely beneficial for both of us.

Just a few months after her diagnosis in February , Jeanne, who had never walked over three miles in her life, was training for her first mile Challenge Walk MS.

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  5. Part of the challenges she would face that spring was not only learning more about her disease, but learning how to fundraise for the Challenge Walk. My dad would buy my share and give them away as gifts! Karen Cooper first noticed symptoms of one-sided weakness in , at the age of The diagnosis of MS was made about a year later. Her MS presented itself only on the left side.

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    5. She continued working for the U. Postal Service for ten more years. I get very excited when I figure out how to do something with one hand that typically takes two hands.

      Karen has found ways to maintain her mobility as the disease progressed. Over several years, Karen went from walking with a slight limp to walking with a cane to walking with a four-pronged cane.

      Proactive Health Style - Living with MS

      More recently, Karen uses a power chair, which allows more freedom and control over her mobility. Karen developed a passion for educating the public about issues affecting people living with disabilities. She successfully advocated for additional handicap parking spaces where more were needed. The physical and emotional well-being provided by the water exercise program is invaluable. They put on their own aquatic event, and have continued to maintain their Team for 13 years.

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      Keith Baker will tell you that his MS diagnosis was a blessing. I had my co-worker take over the presentation and within an hour I was at the office of my primary physician. He reveals that after his diagnosis his life changed for the better, but states that the going was sometimes rough.

      But I still pushed my family away. Keith had gained a new friend, and lost 60 pounds.

      He started by asking for donations from friends and coworkers. And his niece, Judi, helped him with making pies, cookies and cakes for bake sales.

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      My Journey to Diagnosis

      We were baking fools! Keith is committed to doing more chapter-sponsored events. Keith reflects that three years has made such a difference in his life. In many ways, he is a new man. At 20 years old, Seal Beach resident Kevin Gaffney began experiencing seizures. I had a career planned and thought that may have been lost.