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We may also wonder what the likeness of God is, and what the difference between image and likeness is. God is love 1 John ; God is light ; God is holy Lev. God is also patient and is even patience itself. One day nearly sixty years ago I went to visit Brother Watchman Nee at his home. Immediately after sitting down, he raised the question, "Witness, please tell me, what is patience? I thought I knew what patience is. However, since it was Brother Nee who asked me concerning patience, I realized that his question was not simple.

Therefore, I did not dare to answer quickly. After considering my response for some time, I said, "Patience is to suffer silently the mistreatment of others. Eventually, he said to me, "Patience is Christ. We are not patient. All of us, young and old, male and female, have lost our temper many times. In a given day we may lose our temper several times. This shows that we have no patience. Patience is not us.

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Patience is God. Patience is one of the attributes of God. Only God is all kinds of virtues. God is kindness, forbearance, and even humility. No one is genuinely humble; only God is humble. One day God humbled Himself to become a man.

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He was God, lofty in the universe; but the great, unlimited God came down to the lowest part of the universe to be a small, limited man. In John He told His brothers in the flesh, "My time has not yet come, but your time is always ready. This is genuine humility. We human beings are lacking in genuine virtues. A man and woman may love each other during their courtship, but immediately after their wedding they may argue with each other.

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It is common for a husband and wife to quarrel and lose their tempers. Only God does not have any temper. There are similar verses at Gen ; ; 2Sa ; Isa Possibilities include:.

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Support : [a] When God established the foundation of the earth, angels were present Job ,7. Angels appeared in the form of man Gen It was not in the original Hebrew.

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In the Bible, it is true that both words can mean an object similar to something else. Because of the Fall, man lost the likeness which can only be recovered through Christ; likeness to God is an object for Christians to strive for Ro ; Eph ; also Ps This earlier view was abandoned by the Reformers. Emil Brunner believed that our ability of forming interpersonal relationships is a manifestation of the image of God. Karl Barth added also the human ability of partnership with God. Functional view: In the 2nd half of the 20th century, the dominant interpretation following Chrysostom emphasizes the functional aspect.

In general, the fact that man is in the image of God means that man is like God in: [a] man can emulate God, [b] man can represent God on Earth, and [c] man is entirely different from all other creatures. Obviously, the image cannot be explained in a physical corporeal sense because God is a Spirit. When Christ returns, we will be given authority to judge over angels 1Co ; Ps This is the foundation of human rights.

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Based on Gen , it is clear that even though men are sinful, the image of God in man is not totally lost. There is still enough likeness to God remaining in man that to murder another person is to attack the part of creation that most resembles God; such action betrays an attempt or desire to attack God Himself.

However, man is certainly not as fully like God as he was before the Fall. Man experiences alienation or estrangment from other people. In biology, primates are the highest order of mammals which include man and the higher apes, such as gorilla, orangutan, chimpanzees, gibbon.

This term in biology implies that man has the same origin as apes in evolution hypothesis. However, the Bible says that man was specially created in the image of God.

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Therefore, grouping man with apes is effectively a debasement of man. Past research claimed that human DNA is However, in a more recent research, segments of human DNA and chimpanzee DNA totaling 1,, base pairs were laid side by side, the genetic similarity is found to be Or that the chimpanzee is less than half way between nematode and human? Average brain size: human cm 3 , gorilla cm 3 , chimpanzee cm 3 , orangutan cm 3.