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The US has maintained an ongoing military presence in Afghanistan and is attempting to facilitate peace talks. Last month, a senior US official met directly with representatives of the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, reportedly to begin preliminary talks about the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. But Gossman of HRW warned against giving Taliban and militia leaders "outsized power" through the peace process. A comprehensive peace process should include human rights protections. Peace talks have emboldened the Taliban, said Tahiri.

Back in Australia, some 30, people seeking asylum face uncertainty and limited rights on bridging and temporary visas, many of whom are Hazara. He might get deported, he might get his permanent visa.

The Latest: Vulnerable nations want action at climate talks

But if he gets deported, he gets deported back to Afghanistan," he said. Despite the volatile situation in Afghanistan, Western countries including Australia have continued to repatriate Hazaras whose claims for asylum have been rejected.

I Want Action

Some asylum seekers forcibly returned to the country have been targeted for kidnappings, torture and killings by the Taliban. In , a year-old Afghan-Australian father of four was executed by the Taliban for seeking refuge in an "infidel country", while he travelled by bus from Ghazni province to the capital Kabul. The Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network has released an "urgent" statement calling upon governments who host Hazara communities such as Pakistan, Iran and the European Union to "immediately halt the deportation or forced return of any Hazara to Afghanistan, regardless of whether or not they have refugee status from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees".

Afghanistan is a conflict country, not a post-conflict country as some want to describe it as.

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What type of protection is this? What are we demonstrating as a country? This is an attack against our Canadian Citizens Please, I ask that we fight for not only my brother, but for everyone that has lost a loved one during their travels.

This is NOT acceptable for any family to go through. Bring light to this injustice! Jetzt machen Sie Sarena und 5. The journey to a thousand miles starts with a single step. But you cannot reach the destination if you stop after ten steps. It just demands that you take one step at a time. You just have to show up every day.

‘I want a future’: Global youth protests urge climate action

You just need enough self-discipline to stick to your average pace. Your average pace, according to James Clear , is what pushes you enough to make progress, but not so much that it becomes unsustainable. As you can see, your average pace will produce long-term results that will make you feel proud of yourself.

Sticking to your average pace also has a hidden advantage It turns these actions into habits which, in turn, increase your average pace.

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And once you learn to stretch your limits in one aspect of life, you begin to apply it in every other aspect. Simple question, simple answer. When you want to buy a new mobile phone, you have two options for action. One, you can gather mounds of information from friends and the internet, wait to check whether the rumors about new model launches are true, and drag your feet.

You often follow the second option, which is:. Follow the same regime for your actions.

We the People, Want Climate Action Now

Read up about steps to begin what you want to. Then go on a content-fast : stop consuming content and start taking action. Keep the chain going. When you hit a wall, get information on it, go on a content-fast, and take action. To hit the gym when you would rather veg out on the sofa and watch Netflix.

To save up when you would rather buy the latest smartphone model because your six-month-old phone feels outdated.