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And many amateurs know all about the slice where the ball starts straight and then veers off to the right. Natural quirks in a golfer's swing will mean the ball might move slightly left or slightly right through the air. Golfers such as Colin Montgomerie learn to use this to their advantage but also learn how to move the ball in other ways.

Golf Aiming Tips – How to Aim for Dead Accurate Shots

Our troubleshooting guide will tell you why the ball is moving in a certain flight path and golf coach, Nick Bradley, will tell you how to correct it. Click through the links on the right hand side. You can also check our guides on the basic set up and how to swing the club. Low graphics Help. Sport Homepage.

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Hitting the Driver Straight

Rules and Equipment. Get Involved. Because the Polara actually worked it posted strong sales in its first year. However, after extensive testing, the USGA concluded that the Polara golf ball did correct hooks and slices and thus refused to approve the ball for tournament play, ruling that it would "reduce the skill required to play golf.

Both golf balls are designed for recreational golfers that want to take advantage of technology improvements designed to help golfers more enjoy the game.

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Golfmagic Polara Golf balls will get your slice or hook back in the fairway Related Articles. Equipment news. Comments Loading Comments Latest News.

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