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She looked utterly defeated, her shoulders slumped, the ends of her hair lifting and blowing this way and that in the steady ocean breeze. Had she ever gone into her cottage?

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She moved but it was only to bury her face in her hands and then her fingers slid over her forehead and into her hair. She was crying. His stomach tightened and he turned away, unsettled by her obvious distress.

This was a prime opportunity to go over and be sensitive or whatever it was women liked for men to be. He sighed and blew out his breath. He was going to have to go over there. At least he knew what the hell to do in those kinds of situations. Shoot first, no questions later. That was easy. Figuring out how to gain the trust of a woman scared shitless? Yeah, he was fucked. He went into the bedroom and dug into his pack.

There were plenty of protein bars but he always had a stash of the good stuff. Chocolate caramel bar. He opted for the plain milk chocolate and tossed the pack back onto his bed. He wanted to get as close as he could with his chocolate before she bolted inside. He was just a few yards away when she looked up and saw him. She reached for the bag at her feet and wrapped her hands around the strap like she thought he was going to make a grab for it. He was wrong. She was, however, upset. Her face was raw and her eyes glittered with. Slowly she released her grip on her bag. She rubbed her face and hastily shoved her hair back, then put her hands down on the steps like she was bracing herself for attack.

I brought you a present. My sisters-in-law inform me that a woman can refuse no man bearing chocolate. Her brow wrinkled in confusion as he held out the chocolate bar. She glanced up at him then back at the candy, clearly baffled. Then her face crumbled and she dropped her head again. She nodded, her hair falling forward again to partially obscure her face. His fingers were up to brush it away before he got ahold of himself. He dropped his hand back to his lap and stared over the water.

Casually he extended the candy bar sideways so it crossed her vision. After a hesitation, she took it and held it, her finger stroking over the aluminum wrapping. He felt like a man trying to tame a wild animal with a food offering. Her head dipped lower and she gripped the candy bar with enough force that coupled with the hot sun, she was going to have a handful of chocolate syrup.

I feel so. She turned to face him again, her lips twitching. Some of the wildness had faced from her eyes. He shrugged.


And unpredictable. This time her laugh came from deep within. It was full and throaty and so fucking beautiful that he simply stared at her, gutshot over his reaction. You stay on the porch. Her head swung up again and the relief in her eyes staggered him.

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Her fingers were curled into tight fists in her lap, so tight that her knuckles were white. He took in the dampness on her forehead and at her hairline. No, not just scared. Unable to resist, he reached with a tentative hand to touch her shoulder. Not wanting to cause her more stress, he pulled quickly away. He rose and then reached a hand down to help her up.

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He stood there, waiting for her to accept the gesture, allowing her to touch him on her own terms. Finally she reached up and slid her damp palm over his.

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