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Hallo Welt. DE EN. My search history My favourites. Javascript has been deactivated in your browser. Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. Phrases: bis aufs Messer. Show more. Show results in the Wyhlidal Automotive Engineering Dictionary. Would you like to add some words, phrases or translations? Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. Show less. Resharpening Service Because of their love for good tools, each time before using a knife, professionals and many hobby cooks have the habit of drawing the knife along the sharpening steel and, even after many years, are still thrilled when the sharp knife cuts through products as smoothly and easily as if they were butter.

Boys held at gunpoint and forced to sexually assault their mothers and sisters. This results in severe and lasting traumatisation among survivors, which, in turn, impacts the everyday life of the entire society. Two boys are robbing a young man One of them holds a knife against his throat While the other takes his billfold and overcoat and umbrella Now they hit him in the stomach with the umbrella 5.

Aber es ist keine kleine Leistung. Along the way, you'll have to dodge assassins' knives , build and govern cities, train and command armies, obey the wishes of the Senate some of the time , stage gladiator games, and face many other challenges and surprises. Das Schneidgut wird weder gequetscht noch gebrochen, so dass wertvolle Aromastoffe in den Lebensmitteln erhalten bleiben. Letztes Jahr war Friedr. The material to be cut will neither be crushed nor broken so that flavorings will be preserved. The number of attacks increased after the conflict in Gaza in July and August and in response to Israeli reprisals including increasing settlement-building, house demolitions and detentions.

In addition, knives whetted on just one side were compared with knives whetted on both sides.

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Apart from cutting temperature, amongst the variables examined which influence product quality and appearance of the baked goods were also belt speed and rotation of the ultrasonic and serrated knives, baking mould, crust thickness, different percentages of rye flour content or the influence of various levels of acidification in the sourdough. The fork gets its character from its long curved prongs with shaped prong eyes on both sides, while the spoon gets it from the sweeping form of the bowl perfectly shaped for the mouth.

Even the long, finely-serrated blade of the knife invokes its prototype model, underpinned by the striking transition from handle to blade. Wie auch seine Geschwister hat er in den letzten Wochen bereits sehr viel gelernt, und er isst beispielsweise bereits ganz ordentlich mit Messer und Gabel. He is very cuddly and all smiles. As his siblings, he has learned a lot the past weeks and eats for example nicely with knife and fork already.

Without the extinction of the dinosaurs from the impact of a meteorite, there would be no mammals, and thus no humans. We can know this without being able to know what would have become of the dinosaurs if they had been allowed to go on for example whether their present-day offspring would be eating with knives and forks or with chopsticks. Das ist anfangs eine Umstellung. That takes some getting used to at the beginning.

Today, now that the world knows so much about him, Cheney is a political leper. They know about his fondness for expanding presidential powers, the joy he takes in manipulating intelligence agencies and his support for using methods of torture like waterboarding. They know that Cheney is convinced that people like him should never admit errors or mistakes and believes that such people would be wise to give no explanations for their actions.

Translation - English Sensual and irresistible, the beautiful Daniella reveals the secret of her charm, the ultimate weapon of her "fatal" seduction: her XXX lipstick Elegance, seduction, glamour and sensuality are the watchwords of this advertising spot. This film is all about the pleasure of seduction.

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Two players in an elusive game of hide and seek, the main characters find themselves surrounded by whirling flamenco dancers who appear to be spiraling around Daniella. The camera circles around Daniella, then around the man who is struck by her radiance, pulled into her "aura", baited like a fish helplessly drawn to the light. Daniella appears and disappears from view as the dancers spin around her, attracting the man with her playful, glamorous and lively seduction. Her look, her smile, her mouth — everything about this woman makes her "out of this world".

Translation - English Patek Philippe has always had a reputation for developing new patents and grand complications. One of the highlights is the patent for the perpetual calendar with retrograde date from This was preceded by a large number of notable innovations, including the patent for the perpetual calendar mechanism for pocket watches in , the creation of a similar mechanism for wrist watches in and some 70 other patents throughout the company's history. It may sound like a contradiction, but innovation is part of their tradition.

Translation - English Paris Will Always Be Paris On the surface, it may look as if Paris has been reduced to a gigantic open-air museum, a caricature of its former self. But insiders know better. Although the city is without a doubt the most visited capital in the world, and its inhabitants have to put up with those daily idiosyncrasies that can be so annoying for tourists our taxi drivers and waiters admittedly don't enjoy the best reputation , Parisians are constantly amazed by the splendour of their city. Crossing the Seine early in the morning and admiring the facade of the Conciergerie as it catches the first rays of light, drinking a coffee as you lean on the bar of a neighbourhood bistro, taking a nap in the Luxembourg Garden, treating yourself to 'part of the dream' by purchasing a legendary fragrance at an exclusive perfume shop… these are some of the many pleasures that contribute to the timeless charm of the French capital.

It is a combination of all these little things that make this city so appealing to its residents. For despite the yearning for space, pure air, green countryside, the sea and silence, Parisians wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world. Translation - English The mood in the jam-packed auditorium was reminiscent of the student protest movements of Hundreds of young people thronged their way into the dark room, sat on the steps or stood on tables. They shouted "murderers" and "pigs" -- and thunderously applauded calls for revenge.

Cigarette smoke and the smell of sweat hung heavily in the air. Jorgos Barutas, 29, had to struggle to make himself heard.

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The computer engineer, sporting a five-day beard and steel-rimmed glasses, stood at the foot of the steep rows of seats and shouted up to the audience with a throaty voice. Barutas stepped down from the stage, feeling satisfied, and the students poured out of the hall.

Mit gutem Grund: Analog-Player und Vinyl wie man jetzt sagt produzieren einen nachweislich besseren Klang. But record players are real survivors. Today, they are alive and well in their own niche. And with good reason: analog players and vinyl demonstrably produce superior sound. The small and select industry behind these turntables is in the hands of audio technology innovators who not only make listening an increasingly subtle experience — they also craft exceptionally attractive units. Das Design ist das Markenzeichen von Mercedes-Benz.

Es gibt jedem Fahrzeug ein Gesicht, verleiht ihm Charakter und macht es unverwechselbar.

Gleichzeitig visualisiert es aber auch die traditionellen Markenwerte von Mercedes-Benz. Translation - English The design is the genetic code of the Mercedes-Benz brand A brand product must be recognisable, which is why Mercedes-Benz developed at a very early stage its own distinctive design philosophy and perfected it for decades. The design is the hallmark of Mercedes-Benz. It gives each vehicle its individual look and unmistakable character.

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At the same time, it embodies the traditional brand values of Mercedes-Benz. The design language of Mercedes-Benz conveys clear messages for the automobile: cool confidence and power. In order to achieve this, Mercedes-Benz focuses on the essential design elements — lines and surfaces. Excessive ornamentation and other formal extras are avoided. The cars possess a certain purism of form and proportions, yet there is nothing humdrum or monotonous about these vehicles. They draw their intense aesthetic appeal from smoothly moulded surfaces combined with relatively sharp lines and contours.

Distinct lines and simplicity of form are the characteristic design elements of Mercedes-Benz. They essentially constitute the stylistic gene pool of the brand, which engenders each vehicle innovation. We achieve this by maintaining the tried and tested stylistic elements of our brand and combining these with new elements, yet without changing their essential character. Its overall appearance, however, is just as distinctive as it was over years ago.

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Aber es gelingt nicht ganz. Ihre Augen rollen. Er hat ihr auf einer Landkarte gezeigt, wie die Lage ist. Translation - English This was going too far.

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Gesicht is made out of a special metal called zirconium, which allows him to be near-indestructible and survive extreme electricity. His name means "face" in German. Before he can go out to find and arrest Pluto, he is visited by Pluto at his own home. Gesicht attempts to approach Pluto with warrant papers like a regular detective, but the two have no other choice but to fight.

Gesicht's metal body indeed helps him withstand the electricity from Pluto's horns, but Pluto splits his horns while Gesicht is holding onto them, tearing him in half. Gesicht's zirconium body is extremely sturdy, and it makes him impervious to gunshots and extreme energy levels.