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    Dark Ink Chronicles

    With emotions high, Riley and Noah set out to rid Inverness, Scotland of a pesky rogue vampire problem only to find themselves neatly primed to vanquish a new paranormal being. Well, not so much new as a hybrid. Think: Bella Swan during New Moon. Except, her only reason for living was revenge and keeping innocents safe. With both Eli and Victorian thought dead, Riley was largely comforted and protected mostly from herself by Noah.

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    At the beginning of the book, we see Riley trying to make it to a realm where she believes that Eli and Victorian exist. Again, going off-the-grid and leaving her constant companion, Noah — who promised Eli he would keep Riley safe — banked on a crap shoot. Even when faced with the possibility that Eli was lost to her, she never gave up hope, and never gave up on their love.