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The best book i ever read is the inner game of tennis. Tucker, Martin, Mathews, Henning, and Bentivegna. As for books, I have quite a few. Although it may be true that each book has at least one useful bit of knowledge in it, there are lots of books that simply don't have enough info in them to justify either the time wasted trying to read them or the money and time wasted buying them. My own test for pool book reading ability is to ask the reader what mistakes they found in the book.

If they didn't catch the mistakes, they didn't really understand the book. There are very few pool books without significant mistakes. I have quite a few videos, partly acquired with book collections. Byrne's videos are good. For lessons, I've gotten lots of informal lessons hanging around at tournaments swapping shots and ideas with people. The first organized clinic I attended was by Tom Kollins on He came out to California and showed us the game for about five days. Since then, I've had instructor training from Jerry Briesath, and lessons from Jimmy Caras, Hans de Jager the former European artistic champion , and Arnim Kahofer the former European balkline champion.

Im to lazy to list all the books and dvds. Shouldve gotten the table sooner. I have entirely way too much stuff My stroke is a product of Hillbilly's I tell ya, not to take away from my business, but if you ever get a lesson from Charlie He's an outstanding teacher. My first book was George Fels mastering pool purchased which is still read from time to time since it is very straight pool oriented. This may have been the first book that I didn't get from the public library. George wrote me a nice letter back saying that the book wasn't ready for publication at that time, but when it was he would send me a copy, gratis, due to my interest.

Came in the mail a couple of weeks later. It's now well read!! Guys who had been playing years longer than me learned stuff out of that book that they had never known. Probably the one of the most important books in my collection and I have Tucker, Byrne, Martin, Mosconi, Fancher, etc. Ghostball Aim Trainer Jack Karnehm, yes, Very Good! If I were going to have a private lesson, it would be in his arena He knows alot about the game, the stuff on you tube is a very small sample There's so many out there now, It's almost impossible to keep up with them all.

Banking With The Beard Bank Pool Instruction By Freddy The Beard Bentivegna Book 1 Pdf Download

The ones that have meant the most to me Phil Cappelle Byrne? Robert Byrne Byrne? Hermann Answers to a Pool Player? Mike Shamos The Complete Idiot? Clive Cottingham Jr. Givens Aiming On the Cutting Edge? The Impaler?

The GosPool of Bank Pool

Ron Schneider? Banking with The Beard? Freddie Ventivegna? Mike Massey? Blue Book of Pool Cues 3rd Edition? Brad Simpson? Joe Tucker? Companion workbook to DVD? Pro Skills Drills?

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Dominic Esposito? Hustler Days? Rack Up A Victory? Tom Rossman? Do It For The Game? Bob Campbell?

Cornbread Red? I Robert Byrne? II Robert Byrne?

The pool legend's banking on a new hustle: selling himself.

V The Monk Vol. I The Monk Vol. II The Monk Vol.

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III Dr Cue? I Dr Cue? II Dr Cue?

Feeney Vol. I Private Lessons with the Preacher Don? V Private Lessons with the Preacher Don? The Finer Points of Pool? Grady Mathews-? In the midst of all the chaos - like running down the stairs to get out of the building because the elevators were not working --Cisero quipped, "I'm never going on the road without my parachute again.

Charles, IL Maybe the best woman player of all time She was such a nice kid that she even apologized for beating me so badly. Bob Cozzolino vs. Be entertained by two "triple smart" old pals and walking pool encyclopedias and miss them as much as we do. Early in the week, he had stepped into the lobby from the Hotel Burlington elevator, his custom pool cue broken down and fitted snugly into its black leather case.

An old railroad type, in engineer's cap and bib overalls, spotted him. The aged gent eyed the case and said, "How's the pheasant hunting going? Chicago Freddie laughed, "Pops," he said, "this isn't for shooting pheasant. This is for shooting pigeons. Hill said he was astonished his editor let his article run as long as it.

Obviously, pool battles are captivating! He was dead broke, without any backers, no car, and no place to stay. On top of that, he could only play Nine ball, the least favorite pool game in Chicago. He seemed like a good kid, so we let him sleep in the pool room. Thank you, Earl! Here's a great profile on the very best of the best, Ronnie O'Sullivan! The Beard liked to call him "Cardone. What a wonderful way to duck the incoming bite, and then pave the way for a future bite yourself" - Freddy the Beard.

Cornbread's reply, "Son, that is change. One of the Beard's greatest friends and rivals. Loved each other like brothers.