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By: Yolen, Jane. Ref: [Fic] Description: A collection of stories and poems which feature merfolk. Date: By: Turnbull, Victoria, author. They do everything together: explore the ocean, visit the sea circus, even hitch a ride to th Date: [? Devon : Arthur H.

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Through a combination of magic, discipline, and kindness, Rosamond comes to feel ashamed of her naughty behavior. One day when the Wise Woman leaves her alone, Rosamond discovers a magical hidden portrait gallery.

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  7. Stepping through one of the paintings, she finds herself on a hillside near Agnes's home. Just as Rosamond is escaping, the Wise Woman steals Agnes from the shepherd's croft and takes her to her cottage. All the Wise Woman's efforts to change her come to nothing, as Agnes is far more intractable than Rosamond: while outwardly obedient, she is morally reprehensible, thoroughly conceited and self-centered.

    Agnes, too, discovers the portrait gallery, where she is intrigued by an image of the royal palace. She steps through the painting and makes her way to the palace, where the King and Queen are still seeking their daughter. The King and Queen put Agnes to work in the kitchens, where she attempts to curry favor by hinting that she knows where the lost princess is.

    Eventually word of this reaches the King and Queen, who send soldiers to find Agnes's parents and bring them to the palace. Agnes's parents search for their missing daughter only to discover Rosamond lost in the wilderness. They tend her back to health and decide to keep her in place of Agnes.

    At first Rosamond genuinely attempts to be good, but she slowly slips back into her old bad habits until she is asked to leave.

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    Rosamond decides to make her way back to the palace to reunite with her parents, but becomes lost in the woods and is rescued by the Wise Woman. Rosamond now truly wishes to be a better person and asks for the Wise Woman's help.